joe family

Joe was raised mostly by a single mother in Albany Park, Sauganash and Jefferson Park neighborhoods of Chicago’s Northwest side, Joe’s mother worked hard to make ends meet by waitressing. Joe and his brother and sister looked out for each other with the help of their aunts and uncles. Growing up, Joe’s role models were all public servants. Joe’s uncle was a police officer. Joe also had an uncle that served in the Army during the Vietnam War. Watching their services to the city and country inspired Joe to dedicate his life to public service.

In 1998 Joe graduated from Lane Tech high school and then went on to trade school to be a carpenter. As a union journeyman carpenter with Local 58, Joe worked mainly on residential units. Joe built homes in our neighborhood near Milwaukee and Kostner. On September 11th, 2001 Joe heard his call to public service and joined the United States Army.

Joe served two tours in Afghanistan. There, Joe built roads connecting the different parts of the country, improving the economy and life of people in the country. Joe also built many forward operating bases for soldiers to live and fight from Joe returned to the states in 2009 during the Great Recession. Carpentry work was scarce, so Joe got his college degree in accounting from DePaul University thanks to the GI Bill and took Chicago police officer’s exam.

Three years later, Joe got the call to serve as a police officer and has been patrolling the 7th district ever since. Joe has received more than 50 honourable mentions from the department including for Joe’s work apprehending repeat felons and a burglary ring of downtown department stores. Joe has also been the recipient of multiple commendations as well.

In 2002, Joe married his high school sweetheart Mercedes. They are the proud parents to three children: Megan (15), Ian (10) and Joe (5).

Joe soldier